Indonesian Gender Profile

Indonesia has a population estimated at 260 million in 2016, out of whom about 23 million are youth (15-24 years old) . The population ratio between women and men is almost equal, with 51% for the former and 49% for the later. The total working age population (15yrs +) of Indonesia in 2016 was estimated to be slightly over 189 million people.

The 2016 Human Development Index report shows that Indonesian women development index stood at 0.660 while the index for men stood at 0.712. Women in Indonesia have lower human development index due to their low participation, among other things, in employment and politics.

The International Labour Organization report shows in 2016 only slightly more than 50% of working age women participate in the labour market compared to more than 80% of men. This trend has remained virtually unchanged over a decade. The labour force participation rate of women at 50.8 percent in 2016 was almost identical at 50.7 percent in 1996.

The proportion of the working age population that have completed senior school, diploma, and tertiary level education increased in the last decade. More and more women enrolled in the formal education, nearly closing the education participation rate gap between women and women. The literacy rate of men and women age between 15-14 years is almost the same at about 99% . However, there is still a significant proportion (41 percent) of the labour force in 2016 that had only completed primary school or never been to school.

Gender pay gap is still persistent in Indonesia. On average, women earn 30% lesser compare to similar qualified men. Pay gap even existed between women and men who completed higher education, at about 14%. Stubborn socio-cultural values on gender roles likely one of the primary causes of the issue in question.


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