Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. In the hierarchy of control, PPE is the least control measure of risk and hazard. However, the availability of PPE in the workplace is inevitable especially when other control measures cannot be implemented.

PPE can be in various forms such as:
• Gloves
Use as a protective device when working in a place or situation that may result in hand injury. Material and glove form adjusted to the function of each job.
• Safety Glasses
Use as an eye protection when working such as welding.
• Mask (Respirator)
It functions as an air filter while working in a place with poor air quality such as dusty, toxic, etc.
• Safety Helmet
Use as a head protector of objects that can hit the head directly.
• Rubber Shoes (boots)
Use as a safety device when working in wet area. Most are coated with metal to protect feet from sharp or heavy objects, hot objects, chemical liquids, etc.
• Shoes
Similar with ordinary shoes, but made of metal coated leather with thick and strong rubber sole. It functions to protect feet from objects sharp or heavy objects, hot objects, chemical fluids, etc.
• Safety Ropes (Safety Harness)
Use as a safety harness while working at height. It is required to use the tools at an altitude of more than 1.8 meters.
• Earmuffs
It functions to protect ears when working in a high noise area.
• Protector face
Use as a face shield from foreign object such as sparks from grinding work.

Permenaker No. 8 tahun 2010 tentang APD

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