Jawa Barat’s 2019 Sector-based and Special Minimum Wages

In Jawa Barat province of Indonesia, in addition to provincial minimum wages, municipal minimum wages and sector-based minimum wages; there are several other types of minimum wages that are not regulated in the concept of minimum wage regulations both in the Manpower Act, Government Regulations and Minister of Manpower Decrees. These wages are known as government discretionary wages, which began to issue in 2017. Apart from not being clearly regulated in labor regulations, decisions on government discretionary wages often do not follow the minimum wage ratification rules that are usually issued at the end of the year for the following year (Regency of Bogor’s special minimum wages for textile and textile products companies – May 2019). However, in areas where government discretionary wages have been previously issued, the time of ratification of such wages may follow the time of ratification of other regular minimum wages, namely at the end of a year for following year (Regency of Purwakarta -December 2018). Regular sector-based minimum wages could also be issued late in a running year and declared effective since January 1 of that year (Regency of Karawang – September 2019).

KepGub 561 Kep 770 Yanbangsos 2019 ttg UMS Kab Karawang Thn 2019

UMK Padat Karya Purwakarta 2019