2020 Banten Provincial and Municipal Minimum Wages

Banten Province stipulates the 2020 Provincial Minimum Wage (Upah Minimum Provinsi/UMP) of IRD 2,460,996.54  per month (US$170) in the Decree of the Governor of Banten Number 561/ Kep.305-Huk/2019. The amount of the UMP is in accordance with the increase in the UMP determined by the Ministry of Manpower which amounted to 8.51%. The Governor of Banten also stipulates the 2020 Municipal Minimum Wage (Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota or UMK). Based on the attachment of the Banten Governor’s Decree Number: 561/Kep.320-Huk/2019 dated November 19, 2019, the UMK of 8 Regencies/ Cities of Banten are as follow:

1. Serang Regency IDR 4,152,887.55 (US$ 286.41)

2. City of Cilegon IDR 4,246,081.42 (US$ 292.83)

3. Tangerang  Selatan City IDR 4,168,268.62 (US$ 287.47)

4. Pandeglang Regency IDR 2,758,909.00 (US$ 190.27)

5. Lebak Regency IDR 2,710,654.00 (US$ 186.94)

6. Serang  City IDR 3,773,940.00 (US$ 260.27)

7. Tangerang Regency IDR 4,168,268.62 (US$ 287.47)

8. Tangerang City IDR 4,119,029.92 (US$ 284.47)

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