Guidance for the New Normal in the Workplace

Not long after the President of Republic of Indonesia announce that Indonesian shall live alongside the Covid 19 and adapt to a new normal, the Minister of Health issues Decree No. HK.01.07/ MENKES/328/2020 concerning Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Office and Industrial Workplace to Support Business Continuity during (the) Pandemic.

The summary of the guidelines for a workplace is as follow: –

a. Companies required forming a Covid-19 Handling Team in the workplace consisting of the leadership, staffing section, K3 section and Health workers who are strengthened by a decree from the Management.

b. Management shall establish policies and procedures for workers to report every case of suspected Covid-19 (symptoms such as fever or cough, runny nose, sore throat pain, or shortness of breath) to be monitored by health workers.

c. Do not treat positive cases as a stigma.

d. Work from home arrangements by determining essential workers who need to keep working  or come to work and workers who can do work from home.

e. At the entrance of the workplace take a temperature measurement using thermo-gun, and before entering work apply Covid-19 Risk Self-Assessment to ensure workers who will come to work are not infected by Covid-19.

f. Limit overtime so workers can properly rest. If possible, avoid shift 3 (work time which starts at night until morning). Shift 3 is arranged in particular for workers aged less than 50 years.

g. Require workers to wear masks since traveling to / from home, and while at work.

h. Regulate the nutritional intake of food provided by the workplace, select fruits that contain lots of vitamin C such as oranges, guava, and so on to help maintain endurance. If possible workers can be given vitamin C supplements.

i. Ensure that all work areas are clean and hygienic:

-conduct periodic cleaning using appropriate cleansers and disinfectants (once every 4 hours). Especially door handles and stairs, elevator buttons, shared office equipment, areas and other public facilities;

-maintain workplace air quality by optimizing air circulation and sunlight entering the workspace, cleaning air conditioner filters.

-provide facilities for washing hands (soap and running water), instructions at the location of hand washing facilities and post educational posters on how to wash hands properly. As well as providing a hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol concentration of 70% in places that are needed (such as entrances, meeting rooms, elevator doors, etc.);

-physical distancing in all work activities-arrangement of inter-worker distance of at least 1 meter in each work activity (work desk /workstation arrangement, seat arrangement in the canteen, etc.).

-campaigning the Healthy Living Community Movement (Germas) through Healthy Lifestyle and Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) in the workplace such as balanced food and regular exercise. Wash Hands With Soap (CTPS). Encourage workers to wash their hands when they arrive at work, before meals, after contact with customers / meetings with others, after the bathroom, after handling objects that might be contaminated. Avoid using personal tools together such as prayer tools, cutlery, and others.

j. Educate workers about COVID-19

The Minister of Health Decree in question also guide employers to immediately report and coordinate with the community health center (PUSKESMAS) or Local Health Office when their workers are suspected or infected by Covid-19.

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