2022 Provincial and District/City Minimum Wage of All Provinces and Special Regions in Jawa

All Governors in Jawa, Indonesia have set the provincial minimum wage (UMP) and district/city minimum wage (UMK) in 2022. DKI Jakarta is still the province with the highest UMP, which amount to IDR 4,452,724, in Indonesia and Java. This figure is up 0.85% from the 2021 UMP. Central Java has the lowest UMP in Jawa, amount to IDR 1,812, 935 or up 0.78% from the 2021 UMP. Of the 2022 district/city minimum wage (UMK), District of Bekasi in Jawa Barat Provice has the higest UMK amount to IDR 4,816, 921,17. Whilst, District of Banjarnegara in Jawa Tengah Province has the lowest UMK amount to IDR 1,819,835,17.

There are 4 provinces and 2 special regions in the Island of Jawa, namely DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta, Banten, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, and Jawa Timur.

UMP and UMK in Indonesia are monthly based and applies for workers having less than one year period of employment.

On 16 December 2021. the Governor of DKI Jakarta issued Keputusan Gubernur DKI Jakarta Nomor 1517 Tahun 2021 , amending the previous set Rp. 4.453.935,536 per month of 2022 provincial minimum wage to Rp. 4641854 per month. The new minimum wage is effective starting from 1 January 2022.

On 31 December 2021, the Governor of Jawa Barat issued Keputusan Gubernur Jawa Barat NOMOR 561/Kep.874-Kesra/2021 that sets wages increament percentage for workers having 1 or more year of employment period.


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